A Guide To Shopping For Bohemian Jewels

Jewellery has the ability to transform any outfit and I personally take great pride in my ever-growing collection. If you were to wander into my bedroom, the first thing you’d see is my ‘jewellery wall’. Featuring a humble Kmart cork board & using some hooks and thumb tacks, I’ve artfully (well, I think so) hung my favourite pieces so I can see them shining down at me every day. 

It’s the little things!

Turquoise, feathers, shells, leather, stacked bracelets of all different sizes & textures! In my mind, these are the things I imagine when I think of ‘boho chic jewelry’. Anything goes and sometimes all together! Boho Chic is defined by freedom, individualism and eclecticism. Let us introduce you to some of our favourite brands and, most importantly, where to buy them locally:


Ahhh, silver. From chunky statement rings to stacked bangles and hand chains - our Silversmiths section really should be longer. Alas, it was with much restraint that I narrowed my favourites down to the following:

  • Kaz Mexico as the name suggests, Kaz brings: “Mexican sterling silver treasures to the Australian Shores”. After a quick stalk, I sighed: “Oh, man. Take my money Kaz”

Kaz Mexico Sterling Silver Earrings

  • Indie and Harper With a staggering 10 collections, it shouldn't take you long to find something that fits your style & budget.

Gold Crescent Moon Ring

  • Tree Of Life - One of the oldest ‘gypsy-style’ fashion chains we have here in Oz, I have personally owned a number of their silver beauties & they age beautifully. Which is to say, not at all.
  • House Of Skye: A modern bohemian fashion house, inspired by the nomadic gypsy lifestyle - you might have noticed their lush leather journals and belts on the Bonitaz shop already!

Leather Journal

  • Lost Lover: It’s a ‘boho’ wonderland, honestly.
  • Desiderate is an online jeweller based in Wollongong NSW, specialising in silver and gemstones.

Silver and gemstone jewellery

Silver Bracelets

  • Sebo Jewellery: The most dainty, feminine ‘stacker’ type rings I ever saw: 

Dainty, feminine stacker rings


The original ‘surfer’ girl ‘puka shell necklaces’ have made a comeback 20, nay, 30 years later. And, I’m so here for it. Here’s where to find them:

  • Steph Sells Seashells - Her handmade, small-batch jewellery features shells, semi-precious stones and beads “created for the suburbian girl who longs to be by the sea.” We especially love the ‘Aztec Choker’. Actually, *adds to cart*

Womens Aztec Choker

  • Paloma Stipp (see also, turquoise) makes the most stunning pearl and shell designs too. See more of her seashell range, here
  • Samantha Worthington has such an array of beautiful earrings - we especially love the ‘Turquoise Crystal Earrings’.

Turquoise Earrings


I remember first seeing a body chain on Kourtney Kardashian in an old rerun of Keeping Up With The Kardashians while I was surfing Foxtel for something to watch. 

*Okay, I lied. I wasn't channel surfing. I was intently watching KUWTK*

Don’t judge me.

Ahem, but whether you love her or hate her, the girl was vibing in her white bikini and elegant, gold, body chain. We especially love Aussie owned (& boho inspired):

Grace Bijoux Body Chains, necklaces and earrings

  • Ania Haie - I mean, look at those dainty hand chain bracelets

Dainty hand chain bracelets


  • Who says jewels can’t be worn on your head? See Monarque Jewels for one-of-a-kind Tiaras, Crowns & adorned headbands for that special occasion. Some of these babies are available just to rent too.

AAA-grade cubic zirconias, pearlescent beads and enamel flower detailing.

  • Another favourite is Byron Bay based Summer’s Dreaming. Differing from the abovementioned in style, Summer’s Dreaming crowns are more ‘mermaid-like’. Featuring feathers, shells and glitter. You could rock these at a music festival in a vibrant Spell maxi skirt and combat boots!

*We are in love with both of these crown-making beauties. They are seriously works of art! 


While Samantha Wills was an old favourite for a long time, she has since closed down! Wahhh :( you can still find her pieces for sale on Facebook buy, swap, sell groups and Facebook Marketplace but if you’re not into second-hand, we suggest looking at these other talented designers:

Labradorite and copper upper arm cuff

  • Carli Hall (@Shape.Of.Fire) - Stunning. Stunning. STUNNING. I thought my heart belonged to turquoise forever until I saw carli’s Amber range. But besides that, we are here for the CUFFS, and so I will direct you to her: ‘Rare 8 Mine Turquoise Southwestern Sterling Cuff’ seen here

Rare 8 Mine Turquoise Southwestern Sterling Cuff

  • Check out the ‘Ocean Girl Bangle’ from Melbourne based ‘Jewel Thieves’

Sterling Silver Bangle


Crystals have been around for millions of years, absorbing all those years of various experiences! Harness the energy emitted from these beautiful gems by shopping the new ‘Crystal’ range available at Bonitaz. The ‘Manifestation Bracelet’ and ‘Rose Quartz Earrings’ are our top picks!


Oh dear god. Brace yourselves. While I don’t yet own any turquoise pieces, it sits at the very top of my ‘want’ list, and it wasn't until I wrote this article that I knew where to shop for them - within Australia. Turquoise is a pricey semi-precious gemstone and the internet is fraught with fakes and synthetic versions which is why we’d like to share these wonderful Australian jewelers whom we know source authentic turquoise:

  • Desert Eden, Okay, okay, okay - do you not want everything here? 

Turquoise moon shaped earrings

  • Buckaroo Boutique Aus What about here???? Described as: “An online destination for the wanderlusting, country-western woman” it is impossible not to mention here. I also spied her ‘Buffalo Girl Gypsy Wanderer Bag’ & it’s taking all of my willpower not to buy it.

Phone pouch with turquoise

Desert Drifter Turquoise Necklace

  • Paloma Stipp After Paloma I think we should stop? All your turquoise dreams have come true and they lie in the pages I’ve lovingly linked above. PS If you’re an Instagram lover like me, you can follow Paloma here (@paloma_stipp), all designs are handmade in Sydney NSW and she cuts all the stones herself btw! 
  • Okay, I know, that’s enough.


Pause, breathe…. Let’s pull ourselves together for the final stretch


Now this was tricky to track down (in Australia) but I did my very best. Worth more than just a peak is:

*Other brands we love for everyday boho bling include: Reliquia Jewellery, Spell, By Charlotte, Luv Aj, Temple of The Sun and Cabo Gypsy.

And that my friends, is where i’ll leave you!

What did you think of our recommendations? We’d love to know in the comments below. At Bonitaz it is especially important to us to celebrate other small businesses owners which is why we wanted to spend the time uncovering all these talented, aussie gems! Thanks for coming on that epic journey with us.

Are we missing someone? Let us know x

Written By Rebecca Achelles
Boho Fashion Influencer

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