Zodiac By Bonitaz

I've always felt pressured by birthdays and gift giving,
especially when you don't know the person very well
or on the other hand when you know the person very
well but can't think of what to buy for them. You want
the person to be happy and you would like to give them
a unique gift with meaning, but where do we begin?
Crystal candles made in Australia
Zodiac by Bonitaz takes the guesswork out of the equation
and curates gifts and gift packs designed specifically for
each zodiac sign. With the use of various and well
researched systems including colour therapy, crystal therapy,
herbal therapy and many other therapies to investigate
what it is that will bring happiness to the receiver while
also adding balance to their lives.
zodiac candles made in australia
The gifts are not only created to be aesthetically
pleasing but they have also been designed to
delight the senses.
Sight - Zodiac by Bonitaz designs are in neutral
tones and are inspired collections that complement
your space and style.
Smell - Scent suggestions have been offered to
help you select the best choice for each of the
Zodiacs with scent ranges adjusted to each of
the Australian seasons.
Touch - Crystals are infused with the gifts and 
can be kept even after the item has run its course. 
Hearing - A song suggestion has been provided
for each of the zodiac signs as a way for them to
connect to themselves, unwind and relax after a long day.
Taste - We work with local artisan creators and
small businesses to help curate unique gift packs
which include products that delight and stimulate
the zodiac taste buds.
This is why I created Zodiac by Bonitaz, to offer a solution to gift giving and to bring light and balance around the world one house at a time.
Bonnie x