Cancer Zodiac Candle


Dates: (Crab) June 22 - July 22
Planet: Moon
Element: Water

Affirmation - "I am emotionally brave, magnetic and strong."

Cancers are generally known to be loyal, protective, and highly intuitive. Also known as the moon children, cancers tend to be sentimental and sensitive due to their connection to the phases of the moons. Like the celestial animal they represent, they tend to retreat into their "shells'' when situations make them uncomfortable just like a crab! Cancers are generally introverts and preferred deep, intimate connections with a few friends other than having a crowd. They are fiercely protective of their family and they are willing to move mountains to ensure that they are secured and safe.

The scent of freshly-washed cotton linens brings a comforting feeling for tender-hearted Cancers. Notes of chamomile, cedar, and musk underscore the cozy warmth.


- Moonstone – Milky White – Brown - Stone of new beginnings and encourages us to accept our intuition. Calms emotions in times of stress. Balances male/female energies.

- Lapis are thought to strengthen your intuition, and for maternal and sensitive Cancer, this certainly would not be remiss.

- Selenite is an excellent stone for the overly sensitive Cancerian, as it helps cleanse one’s mind of negative thoughts and helps facilitate forgiveness.

Note: It is recommended to remove the large crystal before lighting the candle.


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